The Directors and senior management of Heathley have been involved in the areas of funds management, property and banking for over 4 decades.  Their experience includes the assessment of investment transactions, establishing investment trusts, property trusts and property syndicates, the funding of property trusts and investments and the development and management of investment properties.

Our investors are constantly seeking opportunities to invest where they can earn superior risk adjusted returns. To accommodate the requirements of our investors we are now concentrating on the health and aged care property sector, an area experiencing a significant and growing supply/demand imbalance.

We have a proud 40 year history – in particular, we have built up a reputation for the personalised structuring of investments to accommodate our investors.


Heathley Asset Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heathley Limited ACN 001 477 505, was established in 1977. The principal area of operations of Heathley Limited is funds management. Heathley Asset Management Limited holds AFSL No. 246368 issued by ASIC.

As at 30 June 2018, Heathley Asset Management Limited was managing twelve property funds, with total funds under management of approximately $522 million. Since 1991, Heathley Asset Management Limited has successfully established over 40 property funds, the majority of which have now been wound up with the properties sold.  Heathley has built strong relationships with its investors based on both investment performance and service, as such, many Heathley investors have and continue to invest across multiple Heathley funds.


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