June 2018

Heathley has partnered with renewable energy operator Solar Bay to deploy solar energy across its healthcare property portfolio.

Conscious of the responsibility of property owners to improve their green footprint, along with the effect of rising electricity prices for its clients, Heathley has:

  1. Partnered with Solar Bay   Solar Bay is a disruptor in the energy industry that invests in a range of technologies that transform the way businesses consume electricity.
  2. Facilitated cleaner and cheaper energy for clients    The partnership will deploy solar energy across its healthcare property portfolio and deliver sustainable, greener and healthier buildings which are being increasingly demanded by its clients.
  3. Boosted its commitment to corporate social responsibility    The partnership is the most recent in a series of initiatives by Heathley which also include supporting the Starlight Foundation, and Life and Hope Association, an education focused charity that helps disadvantaged women and children in Cambodia.


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