The Centuria Heathley Keystone Property Fund No. 30 is a closed end, single-property, unlisted direct property fund wholly invested in the 9.178 ha Brisbane industrial property, located at 425 – 479 Freeman Road, Richlands, Queensland. The property was wholly leased to John Holland Pty Ltd on acquisition and was purchased with the intention of providing a stable and attractive income to investors across the fund term.


RG46 Disclosure
Single Asset Unlisted Property Fund
Closed for Investment
Fund Commencement
March 2012
Expected Fund Term
6 to 8 years
TypeSingle Asset Unlisted Property Fund
StatusClosed for Investment
Fund CommencementMarch 2012
Expected Fund Term6 to 8 years

Fund Objectives

A recommendation to proceed with the sale of the property to the existing tenant (National Galvanising Industries) for over $22 million was approved by Investors on 2 June 2017, with 94.29% of Investors either in person or by proxy, voting in favour of the resolution.

Fund Summary

Property Portfolio

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